My first experience with Penne alla Vodka was cooking a “gourmet” meal for a group of college friends in our dorm’s basement kitchen.Penne noodles tossed in a crushed tomato cream sauce, it’s easy to make at home and positively decadent.Pin this recipe on Pinterest to save for laterPin It! Looking back at that culinary experience, I’m not sure which impresses me more: our resourcefulness (that dorm kitchen was equipped with little beyond a rusty pot and a few forks “donated” from the dining hall) or our audacity—we made vodka sauce on a campus that doesn’t allow vodka.

After one bite, we felt validated.The pasta tasted creamy, glorious, and absolutely worth the risk! When I think of meals that are “worth it” penne alla vodka is the epitome.If you aren’t familiar with penne alla vodka or are wondering how to make a vodka sauce, it is a luxurious mix of crushed tomatoes and cream that you can cook quickly on your stovetop.

Tomatoes and cream rarely appear together in the same pasta sauce, for good reason: the acid in tomatoes can make cream curdle.In penne vodka, however, they meld together to create something truly fabulous.What Does the Vodka Do in Penne alla Vodka? Contrary to what the name suggests, penne alla vodka does not taste like vodka.

Instead, the vodka acts as a flavor balancer.The alcohol burns off during cooking.In vodka sauce, the vodka does three very important jobs.

It keeps the cream fr

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