Sweet and spicy Hot Honey Chicken – Chicken strips are breaded in crushed cornflakes then oven baked until tender, then they’re finished with a prominently flavored fiery hot honey sauce that will leave your tastebuds craving more! Crispy Baked Chicken Strips with the Best Sauce Sweet and sticky, peppery and bold, this hot honey chicken will be an absolute hit for spicy food loving fans.To make it it’s a simple process of dredging chicken pieces through a trio of coatings then baking them all at once.And the final finish of tempting hot honey sauce couldn’t be easier to make.

It only requires 3 ingredients that together create the most crave-able sauce.Honey, Sriracha, and butter.The honey of course brings the sweetness, the hot sauce perfectly enhances it with striking brightness, and the butter balances and tones it out as well as bringing in a layer of richness.

You’ll want to add this sauce to everything! This hot honey chicken can be served as a party appetizer, a game day favorite, or as a main dish entree paired with the classic sides (see ideas below).My few tips with this recipe are to generously coat the chicken with the finely crushed up corn flakes, which will offer plenty of crunch.And wait to add the sauce until immediately before serving or even use it as a dip to keep the chicken strips extra crisp.

Baked Hot Honey Chicken Recipe Ingredients All-purpose flour: Flour helps the eggs stick to the chicken for breading.Spices: Smoked p

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