These baked sweet cinnamon sugar candied pistachios will be your new favorite snack! They’re great for easy holiday gifts too! This easy recipe only requires simple ingredients and some baking time.Once you’ve learned how to make candied pistachios, you’ll be well on your way to making other candied nuts and seeds in the future.You can even make candied pumpkin seeds around Halloween if you have plenty of seeds left over after carving pumpkins.

These delicious candied pistachios make for a great light snack for both children and adults.You can store them in ziploc bags if you’re always on the go or in any other container you have on hand.Fresh cinnamon sugar candied pistachios will last up to a few weeks after baking! The Best Cinnamon Sugar Candied Pistachios Recipe  These are the best cinnamon sugar candied pistachios because they are a fun crunchy snack while also being just the right amount of sweet.

This sugary coating sprinkled with cinnamon is full of irresistible flavor the whole family will love.They make for a great sweet treat if you have a sugar craving you can’t seem to kick.These guilt-free candied pistachios are the perfect solution.

You can even use them as an ice cream topper along with chocolate chips or whatever you normally like to use.These easy candied pecans not only make the perfect snack or topping for a bowl of ice cream, but they make for great gifts too.Place your edible gift into mason jars and tie festive bows around them

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