Lobster Bisque This post may contain affiliate links.Read my disclosure policy.If you love lobster bisque, you’ll love this lighter, healthier version made with no cream, it’s creamy from pureeing the vegetable base.Lighter Lobster Bisque Most traditional Lobster Bisque recipes call for heavy cream, and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how great it tastes without all the cream.

Pureeing the soup before adding the lobster meat makes it thicker, resulting in a much lighter yet just as delicious bisque.If you want to drizzle a little cream in at the very end, it would be just enough.More lobster recipes you will love, these Lobster Rolls and the Lobster Jalapeño Empanadas are delish! Or check out my air fryer lobster video on tiktok! Lobster bisque is a thick, creamy French soup made with fresh lobster.

The shells are used to make the stock, and the meat is added at the end.To make it easier, I use store-bought seafood broth, which is much less time-consuming.You can also use either fresh or frozen lobster.

Pro-tip: frozen lobster tails work great here and they go on sale all the time, so check your circular! How do you get raw lobster meat out of tail? Turn the lobster tail over and cut the shell off with kitchen shears.The underside of the shell is softer than the top part, which makes cutting easier.Crack open the shell and then pull out the lobster meat.

This YouTube video is helpful if you’re more of a visual le

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