Jump to RecipePanna cotta recipe is an easy make-ahead Valentine's Day dessert for two.Since it serves two people, it is great to make the day before.Panna cotta is similar to pudding, but slightly more firm.

It is technically cooked cream set with gelatin, and it couldn't be easier to make.If you've never made a panna cotta recipe before, I'm here to tell you just how easy it is! If you've really never had panna cotta before, I'm here to tell you that it's like an elevated form of pudding.This dessert tastes like strawberries and cream, and is one of my favorite summer desserts.

This is a lighter version of my Mini Strawberry Cheesecakes, which I think you might like! Panna cotta is something that I only ordered at restaurants for the longest time.I first enjoyed it at a restaurant in Sacramento, where it was always served with an ever-changing seasonal fruit compote on top.The silky, creamy base is a perfect foil for any type of fruit.

Today, we're using strawberries but a mango panna cotta would be delicious.What is panna cotta? Panna cotta is essentially a sweet milk and cream mixture thickened and set with gelatin.If you're wondering how panna cotta and pudding are different, it's that panna cotta is ever so slightly thicker.

Pudding doesn't hold its shape, though it is firm.Panna cotta can technically be molded into a shape and then dumped out to serve.See the photos in the post for reference.

Tips for cooking with gelatin: Are you afraid of cook

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