Home » Sweet » Pavlova Pavlova This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.this recipe (originally posted July 8, 2014)   I’ve had this idea since about the time I started food blogging to travel around to all of my friends and families’ houses and photograph them making their signature dish.

I have this theory that even those people that can’t cook at all still have at least one signature dish under their belt.Maybe it’s just a fancy pants ramen dish? I don’t know.But I want to see it.

Share it with me! Because this is what recipe sharing used to be before the dawning of the internet.(I guess.I’m only really guessing here because I’m an internet generation baby…for the most part.

The part of my life that I’ve cared about recipes).Save This Recipe FormΔ Get This Recipe In Your Inbox Share your email, and we'll send it straight to your inbox.Plus, enjoy weekly doses of recipe inspiration as a bonus!Send It! You called up your aunt, your father, your grandmother, your best friends 2nd cousins gardener and asked “Hey, will you give me the recipe for that dish you made that one time?”.I imagine that they either handed you the ratty index card the recipe was written on OR they verbally gave you the directions and you wrote it down for yourself.

Again, I’m only assuming here.These days, I use my iPad.

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