Home » Side Dish » Roasted Cheesy Cabbage Roasted Cheesy Cabbage This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.These Roasted Cheesy Cabbage Steaks make the most delicious side dish and you’ll LOVE how easy they are to make.

It’s a dish that feels fancy but is super simple! this recipe I’ve been having a real moment with cabbage lately.We’ve been eating it raw, we’ve been LOVING it in a good salad.We’ve even been eating it as a side dish by simply sautéing it with a little salt and pepper! Me + cabbage= all the yums! I feel like it’s a veggie that deserves a heck of alot more credit for being so versatile and delicious! Ingredients needed for the Roasted Cabbage: Green Cabbage- you’re going to cut it into steaks that are about 3/4 of an inch thick.

I like to leave the core intact so that the steaks hold together better and then I simply eat around it once served.Olive oil Spices- we’re going to use a simple but delicious spice blend that gets mixed with the oil and brushed onto the cabbage before roasting.Parmesan cheese- this is largely what makes this dish shine! For a vegan dish, you can simply leave this off OR (even better) use a non-dairy parmesan cheese.

Mozzarella cheese Making these Cabbage Steaks is super simple! Let’s go over it: Start out by prepping your cabbage.Remove any weird outer leaves and then cut it in

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