EASY Chocolate Depression Cake [Wacky Cake] BY : Jake PUBLISHED : January 15th, 2023 Facebook134PinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare134SHARES This chocolate depression cake/Wacky cake is naturally vegan, containing no eggs, butter, or milk, yet still rich, moist, and chocolatey.It’s also mixed directly in the cake pan for the EASIEST vegan chocolate cake ever!Jump to Recipe       What Is Chocolate Depression Cake (Wacky Cake)? Depression-era chocolate cake (also referred to as ‘war cake’) is a classic cake recipe made during the great depression, and dating back to World War I.Due to ingredients being either too expensive or hard to find, cakes at this time were made with little to no milk, butter, eggs, and sometimes even sugar.

While having to rely on cheap and minimal ingredients (some families survived on $5 per week!), this poor man’s chocolate cake was a far more affordable option.However, through clever ingredient swaps.I.e., milk to water, eggs to baking powder, butter to lard, etc., it still maintains a rich and chocolatey flavor.

In the case of ‘wacky cakes’—also called chocolate crazy cake, wowie cake, joe cake, and wacky chocolate cake - (popular during World War II), the butter was substituted for vegetable oil, making the easiest accidental vegan chocolate cake recipe out there.It’s even mixed directly in the baking pan for minimal washing up, and perfect for gett

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