We sold our land Upstate.  We built a garden, greenhouse and shipping container home.  But now this chapter ends.  Here’s why. It has taken forever, but we officially closed and sold our Upstate property.It’s no longer ours. I feel lots of emotions.  I’m sad because Matthew and I had so much fun tearing that place up to make a garden and building a little shipping container home.  I’m mostly sad because we planted our Christmas trees there and I won’t get to see them grow.  Heartbreak.  But I’m also relieved and excited for the future in NYC.We bought the property because we needed some time to get out of the city and get back to our small town roots (no pun intended).

  We wanted to get out of NYC on the weekends,  tear up grass if we wanted to without having to apply for 5 different NYC permits, and plant a giant garden.  We wanted to escape during the Summer every week, spend all day gardening, and then sleep under the starry skies to the sounds of coyotes (it was scary at first).It was such a journey. In the beginning we slept in a car overnight on the weekends (it was freezing in Winter!).  I actually remember we went to the car dealership to buy a car and we asked the salesman If we could put the seats down and get in to see if we could sleep in it.  He must have thought we were crazy.  But he made a sale that day!   On the extra cold nights we rented a motel for $60 (it was the cheapest we could find).  We would order Pizza Hut and eat

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