Straight from my garden, let’s make fresh garlic scape pesto with pistachios (cheaper than pine nuts!).  You can serve it on pasta right away, or I provide directions on how to freeze it for longer storage! Homemade Garlic Scape Pesto Looking for a way to use garlic scapes? Make this pesto! It’s so easy to make! Just throw everything in the food processor and it’s done! Pesto is my secret ingredient for simple weeknight meals.All you need to do is make pasta, add a little pesto and dinner is ready! This recipe makes 1 cup of pesto, some you can use right away, and some you can freeze.I freeze pesto in ice cube trays and then pop them out to store in the freezer.

When I need a fast dinner, I make pasta, add a couple frozen pesto cubes and dinner is ready to be served! Quick! Easy! I love it! This pesto is a little unique because I use pistachios instead of pine nuts.Pine nuts is the most common pesto nut, but sometimes they are crazy expensive at the grocery store and I can’t get over my sticker shock.I found that using pistachios tastes just as good and is much cheaper! Looking for more pesto recipes from your garden? Try my Kale Pesto, Edamame Pesto and Parsley Pesto too! What are garlic scapes? Every June our garlic starts producing scapes on the plant.

To help the garlic plant keep it’s focus on producing larger bulbs I cut the scapes off and make a few batches of pesto to eat and freeze! What are garlic scapes? They’re those long, thin, and curvy g

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