Home » Food » By Type of Dish » Soups & Stews » Moroccan Harira Moroccan Harira November 22, 2022 by Kimberly Killebrew · 115 CommentsAs an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.See my disclosure policy.The national soup of Morocco, harira is a chickpea and lentil soup with tender beef or lamb.  This “ultimate” harira recipe takes the flavor to greater heights.  This comforting soup with an incredible flavor profile will absolutely WOW your taste buds! Once upon a time I had plans to publish the recipes for the national dishes of countries around the world.  Not all of them (195 countries is a lot!), just my favorites.  It’s still a goal and over time I’m featuring more.  Today I’m adding another dish to that lineup:  the national soup of Morocco:  Harira!  And I can virtually guarantee that you will not find a more flavorful harira recipe anywhere.  This is harira on flavor steroids! What Is Harira? It’s a chickpea and lentil soup that’s made with either beef or lamb.  There are as many versions of harira as there are cooks, but traditionally it’s a very simple and fairly light soup (ie, consisting of more broth than substance) because it’s generally eaten as a starter to prepare the body for a larger meal to follow.

  It’s simplicity also extends to its method of cooking in that most everything is simply thrown into the pot at once – no frying, no sautéing, no browning, no adding ingredients in sequence.  Because t

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