Maple Pecan Coffee Cake Cookies are like a coffee cake in cookie form with a nutty, maple-flavored streusel and sweet maple glaze.They give you a delicious reason to enjoy a cookie for breakfast! For those who love more traditional coffee cake flavors, don’t miss out on my Coffee Cake Cookies, too! Ingredients & Substitutions Butter: For the rich, buttery flavor in the cookies, use 2 sticks of unsalted butter.You may want to lessen the amount of salt added if using salted butter.

You will also need another 1/2 stick for the streusel topping.Flour: I used all-purpose flour with some cake flour mixed in there.Cake flour, which is lower in protein when compared to all-purpose, gives the cookies more of a cake-like texture.

After all, they are coffee-cake cookies! If you don’t have any on hand, making your own cake flour is easy.Streusel Topping: I added both chopped pecans and maple syrup to the crumbly streusel topping for more sweetness and a nutty crunch.Glaze: The maple glaze adds a rich and distinct maple flavor to the cookies.

It is the same delicious glaze I used on my Maple Bacon Scones, which you will also want to try! Can I Make Maple Pecan Coffee Cake Cookies Without The Glaze? Absolutely! Although the glaze adds a little extra sweetness to the cookies, you can certainly leave it off if preferred.Even without the glaze, you will have a wonderful and flavorful maple pecan coffee cake cookie! How To Store Maple Pecan Coffee Cake

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