JUMP TO RECIPE These no-bake protein balls satisfy any hunger pangs and peanut butter cravings! Packed with sweet nutty flavor, their soft texture resembles cookie dough, and their bite-size shape provides a quick energy boost.This super easy recipe is great for snacks — or any time of day!     During my childhood summers, my brother and I stayed with a sitter most mornings each week while both of our parents worked.We read books, played board games, and ventured outside into the backyard to soar as high as our legs could pump us on our sturdy wooden swing set.

While Dad put in full days, Mom returned home in the early afternoons.As she changed out of her nice dress clothes, my brother and I often slipped into bathing suits.Mom enjoyed swimming laps at one of the local pools, and we loved canonballing in, splashing around, and strapping on goggles to dive for rings and other toys resting on the pool’s floor.

It was a win-win for everyone!     Before heading out the door, Mom usually encouraged us to eat a snack.In our excitement — and desire to maximize our pool time! — we generally skipped the crackers, pretzels, or apple slices… Those took too long to finish, at least in our (youngster) eyes! Instead, we opened the silverware drawer, twisted off the lid to the peanut butter jar, and each dug out a spoonful.It may have been enough to glue an elephant’s mouth shut, but we still finished off those “peanut butter spoons” in mere seconds… Which

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