Ground beef for tacos is something I make nearly once a week in my house.It’s a great skillet summer dinner recipe, and stores great in the freezer, too! I’m going to preface this recipe by saying that I’m from Texas; I know a thing or two about tacos.We’ve been doing Taco Tuesday since we were tots—way before it was cool.  I’ve eaten quite literally thousands of tacos in my life.

And while I grew up on a healthy mix of crispy ground beef tacos, soft chicken tacos, tiny taquitos, and puffy tacos, I have to admit that crispy beef tacos are my favorite.Side note: if you’ve never heard of a puffy taco, please click over and let Lisa educate you—you’re quite welcome.  Puffy tacos are something I don’t dare to make at home, even though I love frying.Have you ever read my manifesto on frying food on my Pork Schnitzel recipe? I don’t mind the splatter or smell of frying in my house—I don’t bring fear with me into the kitchen.

But there’s just something about holding a taco shell in the perfect place to make it fold over that keeps me from making puffy tacos at home.I do eat them out around town in Dallas and Austin quite a bite—ask me for a puffy taco restaurant recommendation, I dare you.Ground beef for tacos: Anyway, crispy beef tacos taste like home to me.

The shells must be super thin and crispy, and the toppings must be ice cold.Thinly shredded lettuce, thick-grated cheddar cheese, and big scoop of pico de gallo or finely dice

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