Jump to RecipeWe're sipping this incredibly creamy tea drink with sweet vanilla and honey.An Iced London Fog tea latte is the best version of an iced tea that we can all cool down with this summer.If we are hot tea drinkers in the winter, then what are we in the summer? We are iced tea drinkers, of course! My love for my hot London fog drink recipe extends into the hot summer months with this recipe! We are drinking an iced version of my all-time favorite drink.

The option to add lavender in this Iced London fog is always present in either version of the drink by simply adding culinary lavender at the same time as the tea.If you're looking for more special iced drinks for summer, try my Starbucks Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino for a cold that contains coffee instead of tea.My peach iced tea is another simple option using tea and peach juice.

Ingredients If you're a tea drinking baker, you probably already have all of the ingredients to make this iced London fog in your pantry.If not, read below for ingredient swaps and tips.Earl Grey Tea.

The type of tea used is specific here; it cannot just be regular black tea.Classically, London fog is made with earl grey tea, which is a tea that contains oil of bergamot (a deliciously scented citrus fruit that smells like a cross between orange and grapefruit)Milk.Here at Dessert for Two, we believe the type of milk you use in your tea and coffee is highly personal.

This iced London fog recipe works with cow'

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