This post may contain affiliate links.For more information, please see our affiliate policy.Leave a ReviewJump to RecipeThese Tuscan-style Beef Kabobs feature juicy chunks of ribeye steak skewered with ripe cherry tomatoes and fresh Tuscan herbs.

Pair with crusty grilled bread for a feast reminiscent of central Italy.  Meggan’s notes Many popular Steak Kabob recipes use soy sauce and Worcestershire sauce as their main flavor-drivers.As a classically-trained chef, I knew I could do better.

I wanted bright, fresh flavors that are practically singing off the skewer.I researched the flavors of Tuscany and pulled some of them in.Fresh rosemary, sage, onions and tomatoes were top of my list.

I kept thinking about Panzanella, the Tuscan bread salad, and knew that I wanted to incorporate bread somehow, if only as an accompaniment.I suggest a side of crusty bread, brushed with good olive oil and grilled to golden brown.It’s perfect for sopping up the juices from the tomatoes and the steak.

Speaking of steak, my last decision was to choose the best steak for these steak kabobs.Filet mignon and sirloin are popular choices, but ribeye is my favorite and it’s not even close.I love thick cuts of juicy, marbled ribeye, and it felt like the best cut to use here.

I suggest seeking out boneless ribeye if possible and trimming off any thick pieces of fat.Table of ContentsMeggan’s notesRecipe ingredientsIngredient notesStep-by-step instructionsRecipe tips

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