The Woks of Life Guide to Manhattan Chinatown by: Everyone 0 Comments Posted:11/15/2022Updated:11/15/2022 Today, we’re talking about a topic near and dear to our hearts: Chinatown.For generations of our family, the Chinatowns of New York City were a refuge—a place where cherished ingredients could be found, where family has gathered for weddings, birthdays, and babies’ first month celebrations, and where each visit is always intertwined with tradition.But Chinatowns across America are struggling.

While many businesses suffered during the pandemic, some of the hardest hit were the restaurants and local businesses in Chinatowns across the country.Over 150 storefronts and restaurants—many of them small, family-run businesses—have closed over the last two and a half years in Manhattan’s Chinatown alone.Photo Credit: Christine HanPhoto Credit: Christine HanWe recently met Grace Young, cookbook author, stir-fry guru, Chinatown advocate and activist, and food historian, at a cookbook event.

She told us about the #SupportChinatowns campaign, which is launching today in partnership with the James Beard Foundation and NYC & Co., to urge us all to visit our local Chinatowns to eat, shop, and enjoy them—so that they’ll still be here for us in the future, as they have been for decades.Photo Credit: Christine HanWe all have so many cherished memories that took place in Manhattan’s Chinatown.Bill grew up visiting with his

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