This Turkey Wild Rice Soup is rich, creamy, and cozy.It’s the perfect soup for holiday leftovers and is super easy to store and enjoy later.  Creamy Turkey Wild Rice Soup There’s something about a steaming bowl of warm, creamy soup that just gets you all warm and fuzzy inside.Creamy broth, savory veggies, aromatic herbs and spices, tender turkey, and a hearty wild rice blend make this turkey wild rice soup the ULTIMATE comfort food.

Turkey wild rice soup is our favorite go-to when cooking for the holidays, as it doesn’t take up any oven space.Got turkey leftovers? This soup will take care of it.Just whip it up the day after a holiday, adding any leftovers you see fit for a tasty, no-waste meal.

Why you’ll love it! Creamy Broth: This broth uses whole milk and a nice roux to get the soup thick and creamy! Leftover-Friendly: Turkey wild rice soup makes the perfect leftover turkey soup recipe.So don’t waste any turkey and make this yummy soup! It’s also super easy to store for later.Hearty Soup: The turkey, wild rice, and veggies come together to make for a cozy meal that will fill you right up.

Main Ingredients Turkey Meat: You can’t have turkey wild rice soup without juicy, tender turkey! You can even use leftover Thanksgiving turkey if it’s that time of the year.You can use either white or dark meat, and you’ll need about 3 cups, shredded.Veggies: Veggies play a big role in this delicious soup.

Here’s what you need

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