These Whole Wheat Waffles are crisp on the outside, and deliciously light and chewy on the inside.From Sunday morning brunch to quick weekday breakfast, these waffles do it all! TABLE OF CONTENTSWhy We Love These Whole Wheat WafflesIngredients for Whole Wheat Waffles:How to Make Whole Wheat WafflesHow to Serve Whole Wheat WafflesWhich waffle iron should I use?More Delicious Waffle Recipes to Try:Best-Ever Whole Wheat Waffles Why We Love These Whole Wheat Waffles Do you have any recipes in your repertoire that you feel like you couldn’t live without? Recipes that are so essential to the way you feed your family, that you’re not sure how you would manage, day-to-day, without them? Best-Ever Whole Wheat Waffles are one of those recipes for us.They are healthy and whole, easy to make, crisp, fluffy, and perfectly basic.

I can be assured that everyone in the house, even the picky eaters, will love them.And they store beautifully in the freezer.Thank you, breakfast gods, for these waffles! Ingredients for Whole Wheat Waffles: whole milk– the extra fat from whole milk helps tenderize and add richness to these waffles, but you can substitute low-fat or dairy free milk.egg– flax eggs work well in waffles if you are looking for an egg-free waffle.

Use 1 tbsp flax + 3 tbsp water to replace the egg.vanilla– optional, but delicious!maple syrup– we think this is the perfect sweetener for waffles, but you can easily substitute honey or sugar here.butter– we like usin

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