Tuna salad has never looked so fresh! This colorful, healthy fiesta tuna salad has a Mexican twist, using black beans, cherry tomatoes, corn, and cilantro.We love eating it with chips, but there are so many different ways you can serve it.This fiesta tuna salad is packed with protein, veggies, and healthy fats.

It’s soooo perfect for meal prep, too! We’re big fans of cold salads , specifically ones that are protein-packed and can be put together in less than 10 minutes! Our avocado tuna salad, for example, is another one that’s thrown together in under 10, and the same with our classic healthy tuna salad recipe.Both recipes use the same featured ingredient — canned tuna –– an excellent healthy and quick lean protein option.A 5 oz.

can of tuna (in water) has more than 20g protein, 0g carbs, and 1g fat.Hells to the yes! What You Need for this Fiesta Tuna Salad Classic tuna salad is made with canned tuna, mayo, and citrus.For this recipe, we wanted to jazz things up with a Mexican-inspired twist and create a light tuna salad without mayo.

That’s why we made a yummy vinaigrette and used fresh cilantro instead.Here’s what you need for our fiesta tuna salad: White Albacore tuna: You can use any kind of canned tuna, but we prefer white Albacore tuna in water.It tastes the freshest and has the best texture! Black beans: These aren’t just filler! Black beans add a dose of protein and fiber and a cool, creamy texture that perfectly compleme

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