Home » Vegetarian » Artichoke Bottoms (not from a can!) Artichoke Bottoms (not from a can!) This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.These Artichoke Bottoms are made from FRESH Artichokes and are a great way to use up extra artichokes.

The filling is cheesy and full of flavor while the artichokes turn out tender and so delicious! This post was sponsored by Ocean Mist Farms but all thoughts and opinions are my own.Thank you so much for supporting the brands that make Food with Feeling possible! this recipe I’ve worked with Ocean Mist for years now and I have to say, they’ve helped me fall truly in love with artichokes.I feel like it’s such a misunderstood vegetable that people should be paying more attention to.

I’m 50% Italian and let me tell you, the Italians really know their way around an artichoke.Every time I go to Italy, I discover new delicious ways to cook artichokes (such as these Roman Artichokes) and I have a lot of recipes I can’t wait to try.All of that to say, I really love Artichokes :) AND this Artichoke Bottoms recipe is easily one of my favorites.

For this recipe, we’re keeping things pretty simple.First we’ll prep the artichokes.I know that this is a little daunting if you’ve never done it but it’s pretty easy (promise!) and I have a whole video that shows you how to do it!.

For this recipe, we only a

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