These Korean Beef Bowls are so easy to make and taste undeniably delicious! Ground beef is browned in a hot skillet and finished with a simple, yet flavorful sauce.It’s an undemanding recipe worthy of the weeknight dinner rotation.Shortcut Korean Beef Traditional Korean beef bulgogi is incredible of course, but this Korean ground beef bowl recipe is even easier (no marinating or slicing beef), faster, and it’s cheaper.

After just one bite I think you’ll completely appreciate this dish.Those sweet, salty, and umami flavors over the richness of the well browned beef are simplicity at it’s best.Then when you pair it with fresh veggies and cozy rice and you’ve got a tempting, piled high bowl of hearty and delicious comfort food the whole family can agree on! What to Serve with These Korean Bowls If you are wondering what type of side to go with I recommend one or two of the following: Avocado, carrots or radishes Cucumbers or a Korean cucumber salad (pictured) Steamed broccoli or asparagus Sautéed cabbage, spinach, bell peppers or zucchini Kimchi Sunny side eggs Want to see how to make Korean Beef Bowls? Check out this video! Korean Beef and Rice Bowl Recipe Ingredients Honey and brown sugar: You can use one or the other if preferred you don’t have to use both.

Sesame oil and vegetable oil: The sesame oil adds so much depth of flavor to the dish, it is a critical ingredient.It is the dark toasted sesame oil found in the Asian foods section o

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