This post may contain affiliate links.For more information, please see our affiliate policy.Leave a ReviewJump to RecipeThis fresh and crunchy Cabbage Salad is filled with colorful veggies, golden raisins, and raw pepitas drizzled with a tangy maple vinaigrette.

This easy side dish is perfect for beach days, by the pool, and all your summer entertaining.  Meggan’s notes If your goal is to make a salad that stands out among the rest, this Cabbage Salad is definitely a contender.I studied the foundations of great salad-making in culinary school, and I’m excited to pass along my wisdom to you.

Spoiler alert: You eat with your eyes first! Along with a carefully-chosen assortment of cabbage, red peppers, carrots, and green onions, I added golden raisins for sweetness and raw pumpkin seeds for crunch.But the real winner is the maple vinaigrette, tangy from a touch of Dijon mustard.It’s simple and sweet and it ties the whole salad together.

People always ask me for this recipe when I bring it to parties.Everyone loves the vibrant rainbow of veggies, and once they take a bite, the rest is history! It’s too good not to share.Enjoy cabbage salad with grilled chicken, tofu, and shrimp, or build containers during your next meal prep session.

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