Home » Vegan » Easy Vegan Crunchwrap Easy Vegan Crunchwrap This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.These Vegetarian Crunchwraps are super simple to make and highly customizable which you’ll love! I made mine with a simple vegan meat blend BUT you can use black beans, tofu taco meat or really anything you’d like! this recipe I’ve been wanting to post this recipe for YEARS and I’m glad that I’m finally getting around to it! Crunchwraps have always been one of my all time favorite things to get at Taco Bell (yes, I like Taco Bell and I have no shame!! lol).Save This Recipe FormΔ Get This Recipe In Your Inbox Share your email, and we'll send it straight to your inbox.

Plus, enjoy weekly doses of recipe inspiration as a bonus!Send It! After going vegetarian, I didn’t have a crunchwrap for YEARS until I finally figured out that I could get one with black beans instead of their weird ground beef.Naturally, I also love making them at home where I can use whatever kind of protein I want! Protein options for a vegan crunchwrap: In the ones pictures, I used Impossible ground meat as my protein but really anything you’d like works.Here are some ideas: Ground meat Black Beans Pinto beans (or any beans really!) Refried Beans Tofu taco meat Tempeh taco meat Shredded Tofu “meat” Taco Chickpeas There’s s

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