This post may contain affiliate links.For more information, please see our affiliate policy.My favorite way to give gifts (at the holidays, for birthdays, and all year round) is with what I call Loot Boxes.

Named after the treasures hidden and found in video games, loot boxes are stocked with a selection of small gifts, either around a theme or an eclectic mix.A few years ago, I started collecting small, beautiful things that I thought would make great gifts: candles, pens, note pads, kitchen towels, cheese knives, hand lotion, hair brushes, manicure kits, cosmetics bags, specialty candy, and so forth.Eventually I had such a large collection, I divided the items into pretty decorative boxes and mailed them out to my family and friends.

I decided to call them Loot Boxes, like a treasure chest in a video game full of potions, armor, and food.It’s not so different from a gift basket, but it’s easier to mail (this is helpful since my family, many friends, and my team live far away).A loot box can also be a totally random collection of items that are united only by my interest in gifting each one, whereas a gift basket is usually thematic.

I love the process of shopping for and creating loot boxes, and I thought you might get a kick out of it, too.Everyone who has ever received a loot box loves it, kids and adults alike.Table of ContentsChoose the Right BoxFilling the Loot BoxWrapping the Loot BoxGifting the Loot BoxWho gets a loot box? Choose the

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