We’ve dubbed this unicorn gin cocktail the drink of the summer over here at Fit Foodie Finds! It’s a magic color-changing cocktail that goes from purple to pink with the squeeze of a lemon.Get ready for this crowd-pleasing summer cocktail recipe we’ve been making on repeat for the past few months! You’ll combine a yummy herbal tea with gin and simple syrup, pour it into cocktail glasses and then finish off with a squeeze of lemon (this is the secret sauce!), which causes the drink to change from a purple to a pink color.It’s not a Harry Potter spell, but you bet your friends and family will think it’s just as cool  If you are looking for more cocktail recipes to serve alongside these gorgeous gin cocktails, check out our Hibiscus Arnold Palmer Drink, Honey Greyhound Cocktails, or one of these Sex on the Beach Slushies.

FUN.Unicorn Gin Cocktail Ingredients Blackberry-raspberry hibiscus tea by Bigelow: we recommend this specific tea for the most drastic color changing drink.Any herbal tea will technically work, but this tea is vibrant in color, which means it will create a more noticeable change in color with the squeeze of a lemon.

Gin: the higher quality gin, the better it will taste! We love Prairie Organic Gin   Simple syrup: feel free to use store-bought or make your own with our recipe!   Orange bitters: any citrus bitters will do.Lemon wedges: don’t skip these! It’s what will change your drink color from purple to

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