This post may contain affiliate links.Read my disclosure policy.These quick and easy, high-protein Whipped Cottage Cheese Bowls, topped with fruit and almonds, are perfect for breakfast or as a snack.

Whipped Cottage Cheese Bowls I love this easy Whipped Cottage Cheese Bowls recipe, a delicious way to get 32 grams of protein in your day.They’re so easy to make and require no cooking.You can top them with any fruit you like.

I used bananas and berries here, but peaches and pineapple would also be delicious.For more cottage cheese recipes, try these Savory Cottage Cheese Bowls, Berry Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls, and Peach Pie Cottage Cheese Bowls.Why You’ll Love This Whipped Cottage Cheese Bowl RecipeNot everyone is a cottage cheese fan because of the texture.

If that’s you, then you’ll love these whipped cottage cheese bowls! Blending the cottage cheese takes it from lumpy to smooth in under a minute.Healthy High Protein Breakfast: One bowl has 32.5 grams of protein, making it the perfect way to start your day.Plus, they’re low in calories.

Easy: Yes, you have to pull out the blender, but after that, all you do is top the cottage cheese with whatever fruit and nuts you have.And if your mornings are usually rushed, you can even meal prep them so you have breakfast ready to go.Dietary Restrictions: They’re high-protein, vegetarian, gluten-free, and Weight Watchers-friendly.

If you make these simple cottage cheese bowls,

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