Don’t discard that turkey after you’ve carved it! Use it to make this economical, ultra-cozy Turkey Soup.(And if you already chucked it, don’t worry; you can make this soup recipe without the carcass too).Pin this recipe on Pinterest to save for laterPin It! Thanksgiving leftovers are such A Big Deal in our family, on Thanksgiving we cook two turkeys, one for the dinner and one for the leftovers (see How to Cook a Turkey for the best-ever roast turkey recipe).

This is rather over the top of us—if you want a more reasonable amount of leftovers, use this easy guide to How Much Turkey Per Person to plan for them in advance (or make Air Fryer Turkey Breast on the side).Whether you do it on purpose or accidentally end up with too much leftover turkey meat, this easy turkey soup recipe is a perfect way to use it (check out this list of Leftover Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes for more ideas).I also love turkey soup because if you have a lesser amount of leftovers, turkey soup is an excellent way to stretch them.

How to Make Turkey Soup This savory turkey soup recipe works well with or without the turkey carcass.If you make turkey soup without the carcass, it won’t be *as* rich, but as long as you purchase good-quality chicken stock or turkey stock, your soup will still be scrumptious.The Ingredients Brown Rice.

As the rice cooks, its starches break down, helping make the soup creamy.It’s also a fantastic way to cook a big, hearty meal at

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