JUMP TO RECIPE PRINT RECIPE Learn how to make healthy homemade bread rolls from scratch — in 20 minutes! These have a deliciously crisp crust that surrounds their supremely soft insides, and comforting herb flavors fill every bite.Enjoy them plain, fresh and warm from the oven, or with a bit of butter for an added treat.They’re quick and easy enough to whip up any day of the week, yet their elevated flavor makes them perfect for guests, dinner parties, and holidays — especially Thanksgiving!     Throughout my childhood, and even as a teenager and adult, I helped my dad make whole wheat bread rolls from scratch every Thanksgiving.

As a little girl, I climbed up onto a kitchen chair, at least until I was tall enough to stand at the counter, and I watched as he poured ingredients into the metal mixing bowl before handing me the spoon.When he proclaimed it ready, he generously floured an oversized cutting board and showed me how to press my tiny palms into the dough, fold it in half, and do that over and over.He explained the finger test, demonstrating how to gently press my index finger into the dough and watch its surface, waiting to see if it quickly sprung back and made my indentation disappear.

    After the first hour-long rise, I stood next to him again, this time tearing off small sections and rolling them into spheres between my palms.We placed those dough balls into a pan, covered them with a towel, and waited another hour for them to magically gro

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