Easy Sweet Potato Toast BY : Toni Okamoto PUBLISHED : January 24th, 2023 Facebook15PinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare15SHARES Sweet potato toast with banana requires only three simple ingredients to make and only 25 minutes of hands-on time to prepare! It makes a great snack or tasty gluten-free option for bananas and toast.Jump to Recipe       When it comes to an easy breakfast, toast has always been a popular option! But if you’re gluten-free or simply looking to reduce the amount of gluten in your morning meal, how can you enjoy a simple breakfast? The answer is simple - cooking sweet potatoes for toast! Combine it with other simple breakfast favorites such as blueberry overnight oats, banana beet smoothie, or this banana parfait for a hearty breakfast to keep you satisfied until lunch.Why This Recipe Works This is the perfect toast option if you are on a gluten-free diet.A tasty way to change up breakfast time!Only three simple ingredients!Easy to change it up to make it the way you like your toast!Perfect to make ahead of time for easy breakfasts during the week.What Goes Into This Recipe All you need are three simple ingredients to make gluten-free toast with sweet potatoes.Sweet potato: For a moist and tender sweet potato choose the orange-skinned variety.

These are sometimes called yams but aren’t really yams.They have bright orange flesh and cook up deliciously sweet and are

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