Delicious 1 pound loaf of Italian Herb Bread made in the bread machine.It makes a crispy crust, while the inside is light and fluffy.Made with dried basil and oregano it’s filled with Italian flavor and will make your kitchen smell great! It’s one of our favorite bread machine bread recipes! Bread Machine Italian Herb Bread This bread recipe has been on repeat in our kitchen this Summer.

We love it for sandwiches for lunch, or sliced and buttered with our dinner.The bread keeps a crusty edge, while the bread feels so light and fluffy inside.You need to try it! This recipe makes a 1 pound loaf in the bread machine which lasts my family a few days.

It takes about 3 hours to bake.So many of you have liked my Bread Machine Italian Bread recipe, but this one adds more Italian flavor with the addition of dried basil, dried oregano, garlic powder and onion powder.Throw it in the bread machine, hit the European cycle button and let the bread machine do the work! I hope you enjoy this recipe soon! How to Make Italian Herb Bread Add all the ingredients to the bread machine baking pan in this order: water, olive oil, bread flour, sugar, dry milk powder, salt, basil, oregano, garlic powder, onion powder and active dry yeast.

If you have a European Bread cycle, press that.If you don’t, select the Basic Bread cycle.And then start the machine.

Our bread machine takes about 3 hours from start to finish.And then you will have a beautiful loaf of Italian Herb Bread

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