Peanut Curry Lentil Soup Jump To Recipe This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.This peanut curry lentil soup recipe is full of feel-good ingredients and features the coziest blend of sweet, savory, spicy flavors.

September soup season has finally returned and I, for one, am here for it.♡ Unsurprisingly, I already have a long (ok, very long!) list of soup recipes to share with you this season, and it was hard to decide where to begin.But today I thought I’d kick things off with this Thai-inspired peanut curry lentil soup that we have been absolutely loving lately.

It’s bursting with seasonal feel-good ingredients, including end-of-summer sweet potatoes, bell peppers and kale, plus a hearty serving of protein-packed lentils.Then the broth — which I could happily drink from a mug — features the classic blend of Thai coconut curry flavors, balanced out with a bit of sweetness from natural peanut butter and a bright citrusy tang of lime.It’s one of those recipes that magically seems to hit every flavor note, and tastes wonderfully hearty and rich without being too heavy.

It comes together easily with minimal chopping time and a simple simmer on the stovetop.It’s naturally gluten-free and vegan, although you’re welcome to add in an extra protein (such as chicken, beef or tofu) if you’d like.And leftovers arguably taste even better the next day, so be sure and tupper-up any extras for lunch tomorrow.


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