Add this lentil salad recipe to your lunch rotation ASAP! Packed with fresh veggies, olives, and feta, it's super flavorful and great for meal prep.Jump to recipe This lentil salad recipe is helping me ease into a new lunch routine.After a summer filled with picnic leftovers and impromptu farmers market meals, I’m trying to get back in the rhythm of doing at least a little meal prep at the start of the week.

That way, at lunchtime, I’m not totally stumped by what to eat.Luckily, this lentil salad recipe is simple to make, so it’s a breeze to put together on a Sunday.It also tastes so good that I don’t mind eating it for a few days on repeat.I douse al dente lentils, juicy cherry tomatoes, crisp veggies, briny olives, and feta in a zingy lemon dressing.

And, because I believe that fresh herbs make any salad better, I toss in mint and parsley for a cooling, refreshing finishing touch.If you’re looking for new lunch ideas right now, I can’t recommend this lentil salad highly enough.It’s intensely flavorful and super satisfying.It won’t be leaving my lunchtime rotation anytime soon.

I think you’ll love having it in yours too.Lentil Salad Recipe IngredientsHere’s what you’ll need to make this lentil salad recipe:Lentils, of course! I like to use French lentils for this salad.They hold their shape nicely when cooked, and they don’t get mushy like brown or red lentils do.

Find my guide to cooking the lentils here.Grape tomatoes – I love their

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