Blackened Salmon Jump To Recipe This post may contain affiliate links.Please read my disclosure policy.My favorite blackened salmon recipe is easy to make in 20 minutes and features a perfectly-blackened, flavorful, crispy crust.

One of my all-time favorite 20-minute meals — blackened salmon.♡ I don’t know how I’ve never posted my favorite blackened salmon recipe here, since Barclay and I have been cooking up some version of this recipe a few times a month for years now.It’s one of our fallbacks on busy nights when we’re craving something healthy but don’t have much time to cook, and genuinely couldn’t be easier.

Simply brush a few salmon filets with oil, sprinkle on some blackened seasoning, pan-sear until those flavorful spices char to crispy perfection and — voila! — an unfailingly delicious dinner is ready to go in minutes.We most often roast up a quick pan of veggies or toss together a green side salad while the salmon cooks to complete the meal.But blackened salmon can also be absolutely delicious in tacos, pastas, rices, grain bowls, salads of all kinds, quiches, dips, and more.

It’s one of those impressively low-stress, high-reward recipes that’s nearly impossible to mess up and never lets us down.So let me show you my favorite way to blacken salmon! Blackened Salmon Ingredients Here are a few notes about the blackened salmon ingredients you will need for this recipe: Salmon: Any type (species) of salmon that you

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