A refreshing fully loaded Grilled Chicken Salad! Includes marinated grilled chicken breast, tender romaine lettuce, bright red onion, crisp salty bacon, charred grilled corn, vibrant fresh tomatoes, tangy feta, and creamy avocado.It’s truly an ideal summer salad! Summery Grilled Chicken Salad This ultimate grilled chicken salad is piled high with all the best ingredients, each one adding to it’s well balanced fusion of flavors and satisfying variety of textures.And I think you’ll appreciate that the dressing also doubles as a chicken marinade so you won’t need to make a separate seasoning for the grilled chicken.

This salad is a perfectly filling, ideal entree for a lunch get together but it also makes for an exceptional dinner salad as well.You can also easily adjust it to use up what you have by substituting different vegetables or create a new flavor profile by using different fresh herbs in the dressing (basil or cilantro would be welcomed options).If you are looking for a salad people will remember this is it! It includes that trio people just can’t get enough of – chicken, bacon and avocado.

And here everything is highlighted by an unapologetically lemony dressing to really make it sing.It will get compliments all around! Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe Ingredients Salad Ingredients Boneless skinless chicken breasts: For even cooking I recommend pounding the thicker parts of the chicken breasts to even out their thickness to about 1/2-inch th

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