Packed with anti-inflammatory spices and feel good ingredients like fresh veggies and quinoa, this flavorful chicken curry soup is nourishing, comforting, and cozy.This healing chicken curry soup recipe is a hearty twist on our famous coconut curry soup.Both curry soups have a flavorful broth and feature plenty of wholesome ingredients, and today’s version also includes chicken and quinoa for a double dose of protein.

Made in one pot on the stove, add this chicken curry soup recipe to the menu whenever you feel a cold coming on.It’s soul soothing and brightens any sick day.Featured Comment “This is absolutely a must try! I never leave reviews but this is just truly outstanding.

Do yourself a favor and try this.Mind blowing!!!” – Allie What You Need for Chicken Curry Soup This coconut chicken curry soup recipe is nourishing and hearty with sustenance, incredible flavor, and many anti-inflammatory benefits.Here’s an overview of what you need: Chicken + Quinoa: For protein, we use a combination of boneless, skinless chicken breasts and quinoa in this soup.

And, it’s all cooked in one pot for easy prep and clean up! Sweet Potatoes + Carrots: Add heartiness, beautiful color, and flavor.Onion + Green Pepper: Both add a savory yet sweet flavor.Coconut Milk + Broth: Full-fat coconut milk and chicken broth make up the liquid base of this soup recipe.

Coconut milk adds creaminess and chicken broth adds lightness.For Flavor T

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