This two-ingredient Tomato Juice recipe is quick, easy, and healthy! Start making your own homemade tomato juice with fresh tomatoes! You might be wondering, just two ingredients… really? That’s right.Just two ingredients: tomatoes and celery salt.Stop buying the processed grocery store tomato juice and start making your own! Never heard of celery salt? It’s both a pinch of salt and crushed celery seeds combined.

The salt paired with the sweet nature of tomato juice also pairs perfectly together to create a mouthwatering combo that will quench your thirst and leave you wanting more! The Best Tomato Juice Recipe  This homemade tomato juice recipe provides both a great flavor and a great way to give nourishment to your body! It’s super easy to make and refreshing to know you aren’t consuming the added sugar you’d normally find at the grocery store.Instead it has a natural sweetness that can’t be beat! Even though there are only two ingredients, it’s full of filling, naturally sweet and savory flavor.It’s perfect as an iced juice or hot tea—the choice is up to you.

Some like to garnish their fresh tomato juice with a celery stick, fresh parsley, or fresh basil.Or sprinkle in a little cayenne pepper or black pepper, but only do this if you like a kick of heat, otherwise stick to the basics for best results! Tomato Juice Ingredients  Fresh tomatoesCelery saltHow to Make Tomato Juice  Pulse tomatoes in food processor or blender until smooth and liq

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