Parsley Pesto with Arugula BY : Stephanie Lundstrom PUBLISHED : November 17th, 2022 FacebookPinterestEmailSMSMessengerShare Not sure what to do with all the parsley you bought? How about making it into parsley pesto? This homemade vegan pesto is perfect for grains, vegetables, and pasta to add a splash of flavor. Jump to Recipe       Why This Recipe Works A great way to use up an abundance of parsley and arugula from your summer garden.A nice flavor change for pesto that you can use in all the same ways you use regular pesto.Simple preparation and it freezes great!What Goes Into This Recipe All you need are six simple ingredients to make parsley pesto with arugula! Here's what you need: Garlic: Fresh garlic provides the best flavor for parsley pesto.Parsley: Use flat-leaf parsley with its subtle flavors of herb and lemon.Arugula: Adds peppery flavor to the pesto.Aim for arugula with smaller leaves that are younger and tender and likely to have a more delicate flavor.Sometimes the peppery bite of arugula can be a bit overwhelming.Walnuts: A budget-friendly option for pine nuts which are usually used in pesto.

The flavor of walnuts works great with the flavors of parsley and arugula.Extra virgin olive oil: In my book, the essential oil for making pesto.It brings a bit of bright olive flavor to the pesto which isn’t found in other oils.Lemon juice: Freshly squeezed is best!How To Make Parsl

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