Roasted beets add flavor and nutrition to this creamy Beet Hummus, but let’s be real: it’s ALL about that gorgeous, deeply pink color.This hummus will be the talk of your next party! WANT TO SAVE THIS RECIPE? Enter your email below to save this recipe to your free Well Plated recipe box.Email Address *Hidden Username FieldGo From time to time, we'll send you the best of Well Plated.

We respect your privacy and you can opt out anytime.Already registered? Log in here.Why You’ll Love This Red Beet Hummus Recipe Beautiful and Delicious.One word I never thought I’d use to describe hummus is “beautiful,” but: look at this beautiful hummus! It’s not all about looks, though—roasted beets add a subtle sweetness and earthy flavor that pairs well with bright lemon and garlic.

I made this for friends (including some beet skeptics) and everyone inhaled it.So Much Better Than Store-Bought.Hummus snobs know: even the best grocery store brands pale in comparison to homemade and restaurant hummus.

This is one of those dishes that’s just better fresh.(Edamame Hummus and Chocolate Hummus are also better homemade!) Based on My Tried-and-True Recipe.After a lot of experimentation, I perfected Homemade Hummus and I use some of the same methods to make this beet hummus equally perfect. (Spoiler alert: there are ice cubes involved.) How to Make Beet Hummus The Ingredients Beet Hummus Beets.

Red beets make the prettiest beet hummus, but

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