Start your day off right with these grain-free, pumpkin-packed, and oh so scrumptious pumpkin pancakes. These festive pancakes will spruce up your Fall breakfasts all season long.Whip up a batch today.Gluten Free Pumpkin Pancakes Gluten free? No problem.

These gluten free pumpkin pancakes are chewy, packed with fall flavors and easy to.make.We like to make a double batch and freeze some for later, too.

What you’ll love about these pancakes They are gluten free AND delicious.You can make a double batch and freeze half for later.We love to pop them into the toaster to reheat them.

It’s the perfect pancake recipe for fall.Featured Ingredients EggsPumpkin pureeAlmond mealCoconut flourBaking powderPumpkin Pie SpiceMaple syrup homemade pumpkin pie spice Make your own pumpkin pie spice for all of the delicious fall recipes.We used this pumpkin pie spice for these gluten free pumpkin pancakes and they are delicious.

Make It Directions at a Glance Add all of the dry ingredients to a bowl and whisk them together.Set aside.In a separate bowl, add all of the wet ingredients together and whisk until smooth.

Add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients.Heat a large skillet over medium/low heat and add coconut oil.When the coconut oil is melted add 1/4 cup of the pancake batter to the skillet and cook the pancake for 3 minutes per side.

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