This Toffee Layer Cake has layers of brown sugar cake studded with toffee bits, toffee sauce and toffee buttercream all put together into one amazing cake! There’s a little crunch and a whole lot of flavor in this cake and it’s perfect for fall! Table of ContentsAmazing Toffee DessertWhat is the difference between Toffee Sauce and Caramel Sauce?Ingredients for Toffee CakeHow to Make Toffee CakeTips For Best ResultsHow to Store and Serve This CakeCan I Freeze This Cake?Toffee Crunch Layer CakeMore Great Toffee Desserts Amazing Toffee Dessert I sure do love anything made with toffee sauce.As a cousin to caramel sauce, it’s a favorite of mine.And this cake has all that amazing flavor in each and every part.  The cake layers actually have bits of toffee baked right into them, along with brown sugar in the cake.

It not only gives the cake great flavor, but also some unique texture.The toffee pieces soften up but still maintain their shape and therefore just a touch of crunch.Some pieces float nicely in the cake, while some fall to the bottom, which gives each cake layer a lovely little toffee layer.  The cake is filled with both toffee sauce and toffee buttercream that has toffee sauce in it.

The flavor of both is amazing and they compliment the cake perfectly.The combination of everything together is a toffee lovers dream and the warm flavors are perfect for fall and winter.What is the difference between Toffee Sauce and Caramel Sauce? The difference between the

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