Level up your family’s dinner game with our top 20 broccoli recipes that are not only delicious but also kid-approved! From cheesy casseroles to hearty soups, spaghetti and mac and cheese dishes, and more, we’ve picked these easy recipes that make broccoli the star of the show.20 Recipe Ideas Featuring Broccoli Florets Broccoli is one of our favorite veggies to add to recipes.It’s such a versatile vegetable that can be used in a wide range of dishes, from casseroles, to soups, to pasta and so much more.

Its mild flavor and crunchy texture make it a popular addition to so many meals! Below are some are my family’s favorite broccoli recipes, all approved (thumbs up) from our 3 kids.Our go to meals on our weekly menu are Butter Garlic Pasta with Broccoli, Chinese Chicken and Broccoli and Roasted Broccoli (simple side dish to go with anything!).I hope you find a broccoli recipe that your family loves! How to Store Broccoli Storing broccoli properly is important to maintain its freshness (crunch!) and flavor.

Here are some steps on how to store broccoli: Don’t wash it until you’re ready to use it.Too much moisture can cause mold, so you’ll only want to rinse your broccoli right before you’re ready to cook it.Make sure it’s dry.

Sometimes when you buy broccoli from the supermarket it will be wet due to the produce sprinklers.Shake off excess water and use a clean kitchen towel or paper towels to pat the broccoli dry.Excess moisture can lead to rott

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