Our Immune Boosting Smoothie is packed with superfoods that are known for their immune boosting properties.The flavor from the berries, mango and pomegranate make it a hit for even your pickiest eaters.Boost your immune system this winter with our anti-flu super smoothie! TABLE OF CONTENTSThe Superfoods Behind our Immune Boosting SmoothieIngredients for Immune Boosting Smoothie:How to Make our Immune Boosting SmoothieMore Smoothie Recipes You’ll Love:Immune Boosting Smoothie The Superfoods Behind our Immune Boosting Smoothie Superior nutrition can keep your kids from catching every bug that goes around this winter.

Sometimes however, super bugs invade their lives, and even with the best nutrition, they can get sick. We have a smoothie with the super foods that can not only boost their protection, but also help recover faster if they do get sick! Spinach Green, flowering vegetables that include kale, cabbage, and broccoli are considered cruciferous vegetables.Blending cruciferous veggies in a blender for a smoothie breaks the cell walls that cause a chemical reaction which has been proven to have powerful immune boosting effects.Studies have shown they actually attack microbes, such as viruses.

We used spinach for our smoothie (because who wants a cabbage smoothie).Pomegranate We used pomegranate juice for this smoothie, and while pricy, the protection it provides is unmatched! The juice and seeds of pomegranates have antioxidant AND anticancer properties, incl

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