This Cornbread Recipe bakes up perfectly moist with just a hint of sweetness and golden brown edges that are deliciously crispy.TABLE OF CONTENTSThe Most Delicious Cornbread EverIngredients for Golden Sweet CornbreadHow to Make The Perfect Cornbread Every TimeMost Asked Questions About Making CornbreadRecipes to Serve Cornbread WithGolden Sweet Cornbread The Most Delicious Cornbread Ever I’ll admit that I am a total cornbread lover.I could eat it every time I have soup, a casserole, and any kind of BBQ dish! I like my cornbread moist, with crispy edges and a slight hint of sweetness.

This super easy cornbread is exactly that! It comes together really fast and is foolproof every time.Ingredients for Golden Sweet Cornbread My cornbread recipe uses basic ingredients, and I’ll tell you what I specifically use when I make it.Flour: For this recipe, I like to use good old all-purpose flour.

It is reliable, I always have it on hand and works great in this cornbread.Cornmeal: There are several different kinds of cornmeal.For the best texture, use fine or medium ground cornmeal.

And for color, my preference is yellow cornmeal vs white to get that beautiful deep yellow color.Sugar: I use granulated white sugar for this recipe.You can use light brown sugar if you like that more carmely taste.

The sugar helps balance out the flavor of the cornmeal and also add moisture to the cornbread.Plus that hint of sweetness is so delicious.Salt: The best kind of salt for baking is

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