Home » Breakfast » Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cream Jump to Recipe Jump to RecipeThis luscious Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cream hails from France and makes a delicious topping for berries, cakes, mousse, and more.  Specks of vanilla bean caviar in this Crème Chantilly add a more intense vanilla flavor and trumps ordinary Vanilla Whipped Cream.Plus, the cornstarch in the powdered sugar helps stabilize the cream.Table of Contents hide 1 Why You Must Make 2 Tips for Making Crème Chantilly 3 Ingredient Notes 4 Frequently Asked Questions 5 Why Is It Called Chantilly Cream? 6 What is in Chantilly Cream? 7 What Makes Chantilly Cream Different from Ordinary Whipped Cream? 8 What's the Difference Between Soft Peaks and Firm Peaks when whipping cream? 9 How Do You Use Chantilly Cream? 10 Vanilla Bean Chantilly Cream Recipe

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