These sweet potato tater tots are so easy to make! All you have to do is mix the ingredients together, form a tater tot, and bake.These healthy tater tots make a great side dish for any meal as well as a fun dinner idea for the kids.Delicious Sweet Potato Tater Tots These healthy sweet potato tater tots came to life because as we were planning for fall recipes (which we do at the beginning of summer) we knew we wanted to create a delicious healthy tater tot hotdish recipe.

In anticipation for our tater tot hot dish, we had to create a delicious new sweet potato tater tot recipe.HERE IT IS.We love this recipe because it is easy to make and you have the option of making these tots vegan or you can add an egg for extra crispiness.

I’ll be honest, prep time for these little guys is a process, just because you have to mold all the tater tots individually.Honestly, it was a pretty peaceful process.Meditative because you can’t be on your phone.

It’s just you and the tater tots.LOL Featured Ingredients Sweet Potatoes – we use two small sweet potatoes for this recipe.Our sweet potatoes are orange but you can use white sweet potatoes, too.

Almond Flour – this recipe is gluten free.We use blanched almond flour.Be sure not to use coarse almond flour.

The blanched almond flour is light in color and very fine.Garlic Powder – garlic makes the world go round.Sea Salt– salt brings out all of the best flavors of the sweet potatoes.

Olive Oil– w

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