Easy, healthy Bok Choy Pasta recipe that you can throw together in minutes!   The bok choy tastes great in this olive oil and garlic sauce!  If you love easy dinner ideas, this bok choy pasta is going to be perfect for you (especially on busy weeknights).It’s as simple as sauteeing the bok choy and placing it over your pasta.Despite its simplicity to make (and grow!), it’s rich, full of savory flavor and incredibly satisfying as a main dish.

You can pair it with a side, but like most pasta dishes, it can leave you full in of itself! Bok choy dates back to 5th century AD, China.It was imported to Korea in the 14th century and was one of the first vegetables to be fermented into kimchi.It then became known for its medicinal properties across China in the 1500s—and it’s been used in popular Chinese dishes since.

Given its longstanding history, it should be no surprise that it’s still just as beloved today.It’s light, nutritious, and versatile—perfect for many different recipes and dishes.  Once you see how easy this bok choy is to saute and cook for yourself, this bok choy pasta will be an easy go-to on those busy nights when you are looking for something flavorful and filling but don’t have the time to go all out and make something more elaborate.The Best Bok Choy Pasta Recipe  What’s great about this recipe is the rich flavors that stem from the garlic, soy sauce, and red pepper flakes.

The brown sugar will enhance the flavors of all of those

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