This apple smoothie bowl really does taste like apple pie in a smoothie! We’re sharing 2 variations, both red and green apple smoothie bowl recipes.What You Need for an Apple Smoothie Bowl Frozen Banana- the base of this smoothie is made with frozen bananas.Applesauce- We love using applesauce in smoothie recipes rather than apples because the smoothie turns out so smooth rather than grainy.

Fresh apples are delicious but give smoothies a grainy taste.Try making our Instant Pot Apple Sauce or just buy your favorite no sugar added store-bought apple sauce! Oats- The oats in the apple pie smoothie bowl add a hint of creaminess and earthiness.It helps to make sure that your smoothie bowl isn’t too sweet.

Cinnamon- Not only does cinnamon taste delicious, but it also has antioxidant properties and is said to be a great anti-inflammatory aid.GREENS- The greens in this smoothie bowl are optional, but HIGHLY recommended! Honestly, you can’t even taste them.The benefits definitely out way not adding them in.

You get a full serving of greens that will keep you fueled for wherever the day takes you! Variations Banana: If you don’t love bananas, we have an excellent variation for you.Simply freeze the applesauce in an ice cube tray and use that in place of the banana! Dairy-free: Feel free to make this dairy-free and use a dairy-free yogurt or no yogurt at all.Spices: swap the cinnamon for our homemade chai spice or apple pie spice

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