Meal planning can feel like a grind but it doesn’t have to! Try these five tips or hacks from a registered dietitian to make meal planning easier! I used to DREAD meal planning.And I’m a dietitian and food blogger! I’m supposed to love it.But every Sunday would roll around and it would feel like such a grind to have to meal plan, again.

Didn’t I just meal plan like yesterday? It felt like I was always meal planning.And recreating the wheel.Coming up with new ideas each week.

Searching the internet for delicious recipes.It took more time than I wanted it to.Then we had a baby! And I couldn’t find the time to cook, let alone meal prep.

So we relied on a lot of prepared meal delivery and takeout for that first year and a half post-baby.Until I had the bandwidth AND the tools to make this easier on myself.I was inspired by a life coach for working mamas, Katelyn Denning. I did a group coaching program with when I was 8 months postpartum and trying to get back into work.

She shared her meal planning system with us and at the time I didn’t have the bandwidth to try it but about eight months later I did! And I found it much easier and more helpful than what I was doing before! Full disclosure, I don’t always use this system.For example, this summer we have a CSA box and I don’t know what produce we’re going to get each week so we’ve been improving more lately and not having a set meal plan.But that’s the key with meal planning – let it be fle

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