Home » Desserts » Brownies » Chocolate Brownie Tart Jump to Recipe Jump to RecipeA Chocolate Brownie Tart is no more difficult than a traditional brownie recipe, but certainly more elegant! Serve with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and some fudge sauce to up the presentation even more! This Brownie Pie is sweet and fudgy, just how my family prefers their brownies.But cutting brownies into wedges instead of squares kicks them up a few notches! Table of Contents hide 1 Why You Must Make 2 Frequently Asked Questions 3 What's the Difference Between a Pie and a Tart? 4 What Makes Brownies Moist? 5 What is the Difference Between Fudgy and Cakey Brownies? 6 How to Make a Chocolate Brownie Tart 7 Recipe Tips: 8 Ingredient Notes: 9 You May Also Like: 10 Chocolate Brownie Tart Recipe Why You Must Make If you l

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